BNZ Business Sim

Combining a pub quiz with a business simulation, InGame developed “The Game Changer” sim for the BNZ and business growth specialists The Icehouse.

The two-hour business simulation game is played on tablets and simulates two-years in a business’ life. Working in teams of five or six, participants get presented with different challenges and however they decide to approach the challenges impacts on how their simulated business does down the track.

The game measures each team’s performance measured in a number of ways, including revenue, profit, leadership and staff. At the end of each six-month period, they can see their progress against a number of financial and non-financial success factors such as revenue and staff engagement.

BNZ business development director Cam Wallace says the purpose of the game is just that: to help businesses get better, stronger, to grow and to drive gross domestic product.

“One of the things that characterises Kiwi businesses is lack of ambition for growth. It’s about creating that ambition and giving them the right financial platforms and advice to grow safely.”

BNZ ran 30 “Game Changer” events all around the country during 2016.

Tony Butler, chairman of IT distributor Exeed, took part in the last Game Changer event and says he went in with high expectations. The game exceeded his expectations and it was a useful learning opportunity.

“The timing was opportune for our business as we are just moving into the phase of appointing independent directors to our board, expanding internationally and raising new capital through share placements. All of these subjects were touched on by the game and we received some good advice and some hands-on lessons on these subjects.”

Number 8 Retail Group chief financial officer Peter Hardy says every question posed in the game was challenging and they were all scenarios he could relate to.

“The questions were designed to be answered with limited time and imperfect information. That simulated what happens out there in business. You can’t procrastinate, you have to react.”

If you’re interested in a business simulation training event for your company or clients check out InGame’s customisable sim ‘The Growth Hack

You can view screenshots from the iPad app below.