The Growth Hack

The Growth Hack is InGame’s experiential learning business simulator – a fantastic way of bringing complex business or sales problems to life and deeply engaging audiences with them.

It’s a high-tech business sim and event where teams compete via iPads to be the most successful business. Feedback is fast and immediate, competition is fueled on the big screen leaderboard, the facilitator can spy on teams to egg them on and it’s customisable to your brand, clients and training objectives.

As a blended learning event, up to six teams of five compete over a one to two-hour long event. Easy-to-use touchscreen tablets and dynamic feedback on the big screen gets everyone involved.

It’s a great alternative to traditional team building activities, sales training or a strategic training tool.

Benefits of The Growth Hack

  • Engages the whole team
  • Forces customers, staff & partners to sit down and deal with business challenges
  • Provides context and consequences to experience key decisions first-hand
  • Encourages long-term instead of short-term thinking
  • Builds teams in a way that makes you appreciate other business functions’ value rather than playing cutesy games
  • Provides a high-tech brand experience
  • Customisable to your industryor business

See the sim in action at the BNZ and The ICEHouse’s Game Changer client workshops (Case Study)

Download me for more details on running Growth Hack events for your business.