Cerebral Space

Cerebral Space is an educational game designed to enhance learning and cognition for young people with learning difficulties, developed by InGame for the University of Auckland’s MovinCog Initiative.

Listen to InGame’s Stephen Knightly talk about how psychology was brought to life in Cerebral Space, the value of analytics and data, and how gamification helped students stick at the programme.

The game targets abilities such as working memory, reading comprehension, attention, spatial awareness, visual processing, processing speed, auditory discrimination and number sense.

The MovinCog Initiative is a non-profit education and research project from the Centre for Brain Research, University of Auckland, New Zealand. Among other activities, the Initiative has led to the development of an evidence-based training programme designed to enhance learning and cognition. The programme includes two components: Physical Space, a high-intensity exercise workout, and Cerebral Space, a software-based cognitive training regimen. This unique combination stems from innovative research in cognitive neuroscience. Visit www.movincog.org.