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How interactive thinking and game psychology can better engage your users

How gamifying your business will lead to more productive staff

This article originally appeared on Yahoo! Business NZ. By Vera Alves. Imagine if your employees put as much effort into their daily work tasks as they put into Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds or any of those strangely addictive online games? Humans are competitive beings – it’s in our nature and it’s always been part […]

Beyond Chocolate-Coated Brocolli

One of the pitfalls of using game-based learning is doing because “games are cool with the kids.” That’s a recipe for chocolate coated brocolli with limited benefits. The real opportunity is in using games because they are challenging, self-paced learning and complex simulations.

Want Engagement? Try some Gamification

What if your campaign was so engaging and personally relevant that audiences would voluntarily spend time with it? What if that voluntary engagement doubled or tripled retention, loyalty and conversion rates?

How video games can help employees learn

Gamification will further increase in popularity this year according to Forbes contributor Jeanne Meister. She supported her prediction with a forecast from Gartner, the IT research company. This suggested that 70% of Global 2000 organisations will have a minimum of one ‘gamified’ application by 2014.